BITO Skew Smiles Again

Crypto Market Week in Review (01 December 2023) Markets This week, stock and bond prices continued grinding slightly higher, supported by weak data from Europe, which further bolstered a disinflation narrative. UK PMIs

What Is Blockchain Interoperability?

Since the invention of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has grown into a wide range of decentralized networks. Each network, with its unique features and protocols, operates in its own silo. However, the true potential

No Win for Nvidia Vol Buyers

Crypto Market Week in Review (24 November 2023) Markets In this holiday-shortened week, both stocks and bond prices continued to grind higher, as there was no catalyst to overcome the residual impulse from

What is Quad Witching?

In the realm of financial markets, certain days stand out for their unique impact and significance. Among these, quad witching holds a prominent place, serving as a quarterly financial milestone. The term marks