Ethereum staking

Redot offers ETH2 staking with
0.01 ETH minimum investment
and no fees.

Start staking

1-click ETH2 staking

No tech manuals, no misconfigured validator nodes. Ethereum 2 staking made for everyone.

ETH/ETH2 trading

24/7 liquid secondary market allowing investors to buy/sell ETH2 vs ETH.

NO fees

100% of staked ETH2 rewards is paid to customers, no hidden fees.

Trusted partner

EU licensed exchange/custody with monthly audits, cold storage and withdrawal protection.

Become ETHEREUM 2 Early Adopter

Staking Ethereum can be a lucrative investment with annual percentage yield (APY) up to 20%. However, becoming a validator to stake ETH2 is complicated and requires setting up a node with at least 32 ETH which if misconfigured could lead to penalties and possible loss of ETH.

Redot takes all the hassle out of the staking by providing a solution which allows everyone with 0.01 or more ETH to participate by simply clicking a button. No fees or interest are charged by Redot whatsoever.

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