Insights to accept Fiat Multipla starting April 1st

by admin

We have been working hard on creating fiat onramps for for quite some time, however, while that’s still in the works, we decided to set up a Fiat onramp ASAP. To be explicit we will allow deposits of Fiat Multipla (type 186) a beauty produced by the Italian automaker yet named the ugliest car by The Sunday Times. We consider fiat money to have some of the same characteristics as Fiat Multipla and thought that it would be very appropriate to create a gateway for holders of this asset. Further, we believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, thus if you want to deposit your Fiat, contact us at and send pictures and technical description of your Fiat for consideration of our compliance officer.

Based in Estonia, Redot is an EU regulated digital asset exchange run by a team of industry veterans. Redot is a provider of marketplace infrastructure, data services, and technology solutions to a broad range of customers including financial institutions, corporations as well as professional and retail investors featuring direct and broker-intermediated trading, investment, and risk management. The exchange offers connectivity via FIX and REST protocols as well as a desktop and mobile user-centric UI, designed to suit the needs of customers around the world across multiple asset classes focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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