What Is Blockchain Interoperability?

Since the invention of Bitcoin, blockchain technology has grown into a wide range of decentralized networks. Each network, with its unique features and protocols, operates in its own silo. However, the true potential

What is Quad Witching?

In the realm of financial markets, certain days stand out for their unique impact and significance. Among these, quad witching holds a prominent place, serving as a quarterly financial milestone. The term marks

Token Warrant: How To Use Them

An increasing number of web3 startups are adopting new methods to distribute equity to investors through their native tokens. Prominent among these new methods is token warrant. Understanding the use of token warrants

Delta Neutral Option Strategies

Delta neutral trading is employed to mitigate the portfolio's exposure to market risks. It is a non-directional strategy, meaning the potential profit does not depend on the direction of the base