Charts from the Ethereum 2.0 Network

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Charts from the Ethereum 2.0 Network

Redot’s Ethereum 2.0 blockchain chart has many live charts on several information about the upcoming Ethereum network upgrade. Information about the history of daily blocks proposed, history of active validators, staked Ether, validator balance, and network liveness are a few of the information which is displayed on the explorer.

Let's see some Ethereum 2.0 explorer Charts and what they mean


The blockchain chart shows the number of daily blocks proposed and missed on the ETH 2.0 epoch. Proposed blocks mean the block was proposed by the validator at the right time. “Scheduled” means the validators are still submitting relevant data, while “missed” means the proposer did not propose the block within the required timeframe and the block was passed to another validator or skipped altogether.

Chart of Staked Ether

This ETH chart shows the history of daily staked Ether, which is more like the sum of all the Ether on the network. The chart pits the amount of staked Ether with the epoch number.

Validator Balance

The validator balance chart shows the average daily balance from each Eth2 validator. The Ethereum chart analysis shows that the amount of staked Ether has been steadily on the rise, with the average validator balance around 33.4 ETH.

Network liveness

The Network liveness refers to the distance between the last finalized epoch and the head epoch. The protocol allows epochs to be concluded after two epochs, and only once since staking began did the finalized epoch conclude after three epochs.

Participation rate

The participation rate measures the number of ETH2 validators that are actively validating blocks in due time. This graph measures in percentages, and most times, it hovers between the 97% and 99% range.

Effective Balance Distribution

This is an Ethereum live chart that shows the histogram of effective balances at the current epoch. Over 99.9% of the validators staked with 32 ETH or more, 151 validators staked less than the 32 ETH minimum fee.


The number of daily ETH deposits on the ETH2 project is depicted in this ETH chart. It compares the amount of ETH deposited to the epoch number.