Married Put Explained: What Is It & How It Works

Options Trading Basics

Diving into the financial realm, options trading stands out as a versatile tool for investors. At its core, options trading revolves around contracts that grant investors the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specific price within a predetermined timeframe.

That being said, options trading offers a diverse range of tactics. These strategies, when employed correctly, can significantly enhance an investor's portfolio. Especially with assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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One such strategy is the married put. It combines the purchase of the underlying asset with a put option, offering both potential profit and loss protection.

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What Is a Married Put

Its concept is straightforward. A married put involves an investor buying an underlying asset, for instance Bitcoin, and simultaneously purchasing a put option for the same asset. This combination acts as a protective shield, allowing the investor to sell the asset at a predetermined price, known as the strike price, before a set expiration date.

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Key Takeaways

  • A married put acts as a financial safety net, offering protection against potential declines in the asset's value.
  • It's akin to purchasing insurance for an asset you've just acquired.
  • Given the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, the married put strategy is particularly appealing for those wanting to safeguard their investments.

How a Married Put Works

The idea behind the strategy is to provide downside protection for the price. If the crypto price rises, the investor benefits from the appreciation, minus the put option's cost. If the stock price falls, the put option limits losses by allowing the investor to sell at a predetermined price. The term “married” signifies that the stock and put option are bought together and act in tandem. The strategy offers both protection against declines and potential profit from stock appreciation, but the put option's cost can reduce net gains.

Married Put Construction

In order to build a strategy, the following steps should be followed:

  • Choose the crypto you wish to buy or already own.
  • Decide the price level at which you'd like protection. This will be the strike price of the put option.
  • Choose an expiration date for the put option. This determines how long your stock position will be protected.
  • Buy the desired amount of crypto.
  • Simultaneously with the crypto purchase, buy a put option with the chosen strike price and expiration date for the same amount of crypto.
  • Regularly review the strategy. If the crypto price rises significantly, consider selling the put or rolling it to a higher strike. If the crypto falls, decide whether to exercise the put or hold onto it.
  • The married put options are now in place, providing downside protection while allowing for potential upside gains.

Unlimited Profit Potential

The allure of the married put strategy lies in its potential for unlimited profits. If Bitcoin's price skyrockets, the investor reaps the benefits. There's no cap to the potential gains, making it an enticing proposition for those bullish on Bitcoin.

Limited Risk

Conversely, the strategy's beauty is its risk limitation. If Bitcoin's value takes a nosedive, the investor can exercise the put option, offloading the asset at the agreed-upon strike price. This mechanism ensures that losses are kept in check, providing peace of mind to the investor.

Married Put Example

Consider an astute investor who, after thorough market analysis, acquires bitcoin at $30,000. To shield against unforeseen market downturns, they simultaneously secure a put option with a strike price of $28,000. Now, if the market turns bearish and Bitcoin's price plummets to $25,000, our investor can exercise the option, selling their Bitcoin for $28,000. This move minimizes their losses, showcasing the efficacy of the married put strategy.

When to Use a Married Put

The decision to employ a married put strategy hinges on several factors. Market sentiment, risk appetite, and investment goals all play a role. If an investor is optimistic about the market's trajectory but wants a buffer against unforeseen downturns, a married put is a viable option. It's especially pertinent in volatile markets, where asset prices can swing dramatically in short periods. By setting a predetermined selling price through the put option, investors can navigate these volatile waters with greater confidence, knowing they have a strategy in place to mitigate potential losses.

Market Opinion

When deciphering market sentiments, a married put shines when an investor is moderately bullish but desires a safety net against potential downturns. It's a strategy that balances optimism with caution.


The primary allure of the married put strategy is its protective nature. It serves as a financial buffer, ensuring that sudden market declines don't wreak havoc on one's investment.

Risk vs. Reward

Analyzing the risk-reward spectrum, the married put strategy offers a harmonious balance. While there is no limit for potential gains, the strategy ensures that losses are capped, providing a sense of security to investors.

Break-Even-Point (BEP)

The break-even point is a pivotal metric in options trading. For a married put, it's computed by subtracting the put premium from the asset's purchase price. This figure provides clarity on when the strategy becomes profitable.

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Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, are notorious for their price volatility. A married put acts as a bulwark against this volatility, ensuring that investors can navigate the tumultuous crypto waters with relative ease.

Time Decay

All options have an expiration date, and as this date approaches, the option's value can erode, a phenomenon known as time decay. While this is a factor to consider, the protective nature of the married put often outweighs the concerns of time decay.

Alternatives Before Expiration

As the expiration date looms, if the investor believes that the asset's price will surge, they can opt to sell their position, capitalizing on potential profits.

Alternatives at Expiration

When the expiration date is on the horizon, investors have a variety of choices. They can exercise the option, offload it, or let it expire worthless, each decision hinging on the prevailing market conditions.

How Does a Married Put Help Investors?

In the ever-evolving world of finance, having tools and strategies to safeguard investments is paramount. The married put serves this very purpose. For investors, it offers a dual advantage. On one hand, it allows for unlimited profit potential if the market moves in their favor. On the other, it caps potential losses, ensuring that even in the worst-case scenario, the financial damage is contained. This balance of risk and reward makes the married put an invaluable tool in an investor's arsenal.

Max Loss

The maximum potential loss is confined to the cost of the put option combined with any decline in the asset's value down to the strike price. This predefined loss ensures investors can invest with confidence.

Max Gain

The potential for gains is boundless, limited only by the asset's upward trajectory. This means that if Bitcoin or any other underlying asset sees a meteoric rise, the investor stands to benefit immensely, reaping the rewards of their foresight and strategic planning.


The net profit or loss is gauged by the differential between the asset's selling price and its acquisition price, adjusted for the cost of the put. This calculation provides a clear picture of the strategy's effectiveness and the investor's financial standing.

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Reaching the breakeven point is a milestone in any investment strategy. For a married put, this point is achieved when the asset's price equals its purchase price minus the cost of the put. It's the threshold where the investor neither gains nor loses money.

Assignment Risk

One might wonder about the risks associated with the assignment of options. With married puts, this risk is minimal. Since the investor already possesses the underlying asset, they're shielded from unexpected obligations that might arise from the option's assignment.

Expiration Risk

Options come with an expiration date, a ticking clock that investors must always be wary of. If a put option is nearing its expiration and remains out of the money, it might expire worthless. This scenario would result in a loss equivalent to the premium paid for the option.

Who Uses Married Puts?

From seasoned traders to novices dipping their toes in the investment waters, the married put strategy finds favor across the board. Its protective nature makes it especially popular among those who are optimistic about an asset's potential but want a safety net. Given the unpredictable swings of cryptocurrencies, many Bitcoin enthusiasts and crypto traders find comfort in the married put option strategy.

How to Use a Married Put Strategy

Implementing a married puts strategy requires a blend of market insight and strategic planning. Begin by acquiring the underlying asset, ensuring you're getting a fair market price. Subsequently, purchase a put option that offers a strike price providing ample protection. As market conditions evolve, it's imperative to monitor your investment, making adjustments as necessary to optimize returns and minimize risks.

Bottom Line

In the dynamic and often volatile world of cryptocurrencies, strategies like the married put offer stability. By effectively capping potential losses while leaving the door open for unlimited gains, it strikes a harmonious balance between optimism and caution. For anyone navigating the crypto markets, understanding and employing such strategies can be the difference between financial success and setbacks.


What Is the Main Advantage of Using a Married Put Strategy?

The standout benefit of the married put strategy is the protective layer it offers against unforeseen declines in the asset's value, acting as a financial cushion.

Can a Married Put Strategy Be Used With Bitcoin?

Indeed! With Bitcoin's notorious price fluctuations, a married put emerges as a potent tool, offering investors a shield against market volatility.

What Is the Risk in a Married Put Strategy?

The primary risk lies in the potential forfeiture of the premium paid for the put option, especially if it expires without value.

Can I Use a Married Put Strategy to Protect My Bitcoin Investment Against Volatility?

Absolutely. The very essence of the married put strategy is to offer protection against asset volatility, making it an invaluable tool for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency investments.

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